Climate and soils

The Wairarapa’s semi maritime climate (40km to the coast from Martinborough), is characterized by long, warm and dry summers extending right through into mid-autumn. To the west lie the Tararua ranges which protect this region from any prevailing wet weather. In fact our average rainfall is around 600- 700mm (24in) a year, which mostly falls in winter and spring. This makes the Wairarapa the driest place in the North Island. The region has a long growing season for Pinot Noir with budburst in early September, veraison in February and harvest in late March through to end of April. Summer conditions have a peak of approx. 32°C (92°F) with nights of 10°C (50°F) average.

Strong North West winds through spring regulating flowering and crop levels whilst reducing vigour in growing season. Most of the vineyards are planted on alluvial soils. The old river terraces are normally covered by 20-50cm of silt loam soils with loess in places. Generally very deep alluvial deposits up to 15m deep giving very free draining soils. There are also some plantings on limestone and clay loam soils.