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Collaborative Marketing Group (CMG) – Updates

Executive Summary
Collaborative Marketing Group (CMG)
(Wellington Wine Country Limited)

Working to create a single marketing entity to represent our Wine region
Wines from Martinborough, Wairarapa Wines and Wairarapa Winegrowers have spent the greater part of the last 15+ Months with representatives of each, working collaboratively to form one Marketing entity for the Winegrowing/making community within the greater Wairarapa region.

• The CMG was formed in September 2014 and meetings began in the same month.
• November 2014 – A Strategy Document was put together outlining what CMG was hoping to achieve. (as per the 2nd attachment to this email) .
• 18th February 2015 – Come and have your say – Collaborative Marketing development meeting “…discussion has been taking place within the Wairarapa Winegrowers, Wines for Martinborough and Wairarapa Wines marketing arms, in regards to better, sustainable, inclusive and cohesive marketing…”
• All members of all three organisations were invited to attend the CMG Meeting where the proposal to move forward with a single marketing entity was tabled and discussed at length.

? – Mid 2015 – Further discussions were held during AGMs of WWAI, WFM and WW
?-  Mid 2015 to now – development of structural options, socialisation of concept.

From the meetings and discussions held, feedback has been positive. The CMG steering committee are now ready to move forward with the establishment of a limited liability company, intended to formally commence collaborative marketing operations by January 2016.

Next steps: Prior to setting up the Limited Liability Company, instruction must be sought from the greater Wine community that this is indeed the way forward and formally records an overwhelming majority of support to proceed.
To move forward we need your vote. This will be a “simple” Yes/No postal/electronic vote that will need to be lodged by Friday 6th November 2015.

It is your responsibility to vote and ensure your vineyard/winery has their say.
We invite feedback and any questions, please contact:

Strategic Progress Document –  (written in 2014)